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Choose the SMS Category that is best suited for your business. It could be Bulk SMS for Promoting your Services / Product or Transactional SMS for sending info to your customer.

Service SMS

Our SMS service includes two categories – Implicit and Explicit. The Implicit service is designed to send sms such as OTPs and alerts exclusively to your registered users. On the other hand, the Explicit service can send promotional messages to your existing customers after receiving their explicit consent.

Transactional SMS

Our Transactional SMS service is reliable, secure, and designed to deliver messages instantly to your customers’ mobile devices. With features like message scheduling, customizable templates, and delivery reports, our service is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes.
So if you’re looking for a fast, efficient way to keep your customers informed and engaged, look no further than our Transactional SMS service.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is an effective way to reach out to both new and existing customers with your latest offers and promotions. These messages can only be sent between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM, ensuring that customers are not disturbed during late hours. Our bulk SMS service makes it easy to send promotional messages to your audience, and with our explicit consent feature, you can rest assured that you are sending messages only to customers who have given their permission to receive them.

Why TonSMS Is the Best Choice for You?

Simple Pricing

Ge Bulk SMS at simple and competitive pricing. We will help you select a service package to match your goals and budget.

99.99% Uptime.

To provide your fast and reliable services. Our data centers are managed by AI technology.

Scalable Platform

Send millions of bulk SMS with just one click. Manage all your templates and Sender ID in one place.

Track your KPI

With our bulk SMS service, you can easily track important KPIs such as message delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and more.

API Integrations

Integrate our Bulk SMS Services with any app. Integrating into our Advance API is not chargeable.

24*7 Support

We offer 24*7 support to all of our customers, ensuring that you always have access to the help you need,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS Service is a marketing tool that allows businesses to send a large number of SMS messages to their customers, clients, and prospects at once. These messages can be promotional, informational, or transactional in nature. TonSMS provide a web application to send Bulk SMS in India. TonSMS provide robust SMS Software to create, schedule and send SMS Campaign.

Bulk SMS Service to grow business – There are several ways in which businesses can use Bulk SMS Service to grow their business, such as:

  • Promote new products or services to customers
  • Send special offers or discounts to existing customers
  • Remind customers about upcoming appointments or events
  • Conduct surveys or gather customer feedback through SMS
  • Send important notifications or alerts to customers in real-time

Promotional SMS

1. Used for promoting products/services to potential customers
2.Can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM
3.Content can be promotional in nature, such as offers and discounts
4.An opt-out option is mandatory for promotional messages
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Transactional SMS

1. Used for sending important alerts, notifications, or OTPs to registered customers
2.Can be sent at any time, even during Do Not Disturb (DND) hours
3.Content should be transactional or informational in nature, such as order confirmation, appointment reminder, or delivery status update
4.An opt-out option is not mandatory for transactional messages
Dear User, Thank you for registering your OTP is 5874. Do not share this OTP with anyone.

SMS pricing is charged per SMS in TonSMS Software or using the TonSMS API. In TonSMS you can start sending an SMS from Rs. 10 and if you have a high volume of SMS consumptions it can lower to ₹0.12/sms (the lowest). TonSMS provide free Bulk SMS credits to test our Bulk SMS Software.

Sending Bulk SMS with TonSMS is very easy. Follow the steps to send Bulk SMS online.

  1. Signup in TonSMS.
  2. Add Balance to your wallet.
  3. Add or Upload your contacts
  4. Create your template or SMS.
  5. Send your SMS campaign or schedule it.
  6. Go to the dashboard to check real-time SMS delivery reports.

Free SMS for test: TonSMS provide free SMS credits to test our feature and the platform. You can also use the free SMS credits to test the Bulk SMS API.

Send Millions of SMS: TonSMS system is designed to send millions of messages within minutes. Our system depends on multiple SMS routes in which our system distributes the SMS load so that delivery of SMS will be quick.

Transparent Pricing: Tonsms provide Transparent pricing. Each and every piece of information regarding SMS pricing and consumption, and reports are mentioned on the platform.

SMS delivery depends on how many SMS you are sending per campaign. 1 SMS takes 7 seconds to deliver. If you want to send 10,000 SMS it could get delivered within 5 minutes.

Yes, you can choose your own 6 alpha-character sender id

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